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Car battery repairs and replacements in Weston-Super-Mare and Worle             

One of the highest number of breakdown call-outs each year is for battery related problems where the battery has lost charge and is unable to turn the engine over for it to start. We offer premium quality battery repairs and replacements at great rates, contact us today.

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Replace your battery with Formula First Tyre Exhaust & Auto Centre Ltd

Here at Formula First Tyre Exhaust & Auto Centre Ltd, we offer a free battery test service which takes about five minutes and checks the charging system, voltage output of the battery, and charging rate of the whole system. This ensures the battery, being one of the most important parts of your engine, is working correctly and staying healthy.


The test only takes about five minutes, and if you require a new battery, we are able to supply a new one from our extensive range of batteries in stock. All our batteries come with a three-year guarantee for peace of mind. We also serve in Worle. Please drive in for your free battery test soon.

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Battery care

Most modern car batteries are maintenance free which means there's very little you can do to keep your battery 'healthy'. Please make sure the battery terminal connections are tight and not corroded in any way. If there is corrosion use some petroleum jelly on the terminals to help stop the build up of this.


If you need to remove your battery, please ensure the terminals are re-connected properly – if in doubt, leave it to us.

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For all your car battery repair and care needs, visit Formula First Tyre Exhaust & Auto Centre Ltd, visit us or call us on

Weston-Super-Mare: 01934 644473

Worle: 01934 519285

Formula First battery replacement
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