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Exhaust and brake repairs and replacements                       

We fit exhausts to most cars and light commercial vehicles so you don't have to travel far to have your exhaust replaced. We also provide exceptional brake repair work, contact us.

Car mechanic carrying out repairs
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We ensure your exhaust system is healthy

If we don't carry your exhaust in stock, we have many local suppliers just a phone call away who can deliver the same day. If you are unsure if we carry an exhaust for your vehicle, please just phone us in Weston-Super-Mare and Worle, and we will check the availability of your exhaust system.

If you hear noises coming from underneath the car such as knocking when you go around a corner, the exhaust may have come loose. If the exhaust note starts getting louder or you hear a 'blowing' sound, then this probably means you will need to have part of your exhaust replaced. You can be sure of a quick and professional service from us for all your exhaust requirements.

Mechanic is fixing the exhaust system of a modern car
Navy tyre marks

Brakes tested and fitted in Weston-Super-Mare and Worle

When we test your brake system, the information will be checked against the manufacturer's specifications and should they be found to be outside of their tolerances, a quote will be offered for the work needed to replace them. We are able to offer a comprehensive range of guaranteed brake parts to suit every budget.

If you hear a grinding noise when you brake or when you apply the brakes, the car pulls to the left or right you may have a problem. The brake pedal can also feel 'spongy' or you may feel a 'pulsating' feeling when using it. If so, please visit us as quickly as possible.

Car mechanic running diagnostics with laptop and OBD software
tyre marks

If you need to have a new exhaust fitted or require brake repair solutions in Weston-Super-Mare or Worle, visit us or call us on

Weston-Super-Mare: 01934 644473

Worle: 01934 519285

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